Amazon Payment Services


Medgress is a brand owned and copyrighted to Dia Edu Management Consultants that utilizes Amazon Payment Services via Payfort International FZ LLC based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to conduct all online payment services and transactions. Payfort by Amazon is also referred to as the official third-party payment gateway provider of Medgress in these terms and conditions.


All details provided by registrants conducting payments towards any of Medgress products or services through the official website will be provided directly to Payfort by Amazon as the official payment provider of Medgress via a secured connection. The registering cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and refer to the online payment gateway policies and rules.


For all terms and conditions related to our official third-party payment gateway provider please refer to this link


Registration Confirmation


Registration is confirmed only upon receipt of payment in the following forms:


  • Credit card (automatically online) means when paying using a registrant’s credit card wherein an email confirming their payment is received from the payment gateway provider Payfort. The registrant will also receive an email from Medgress containing an electronic ticket of their registration ID number
  • Bank transfer (manually offline) means of payment are accepted when Medgress ([email protected]) receives an email from the registrant containing a bank transfer snapshot as a proof of payment. In that email, registrants are to mention the registration ID numbers that can be found in an email received from Medgress after registering while selecting “bank transfer” as a payment method during the process. The confirmation of registration is subject to receiving the payment.


Registration Transaction Fees


  • Upon registering for any of our events on Medgress, transaction fees are applied with a value of 3.4% from the total of the registrant’s cart
  • The purpose of the transaction fees is to cover the usage of the third-party payment gateway provider and any fluctuations of currency exchange rates by bank rules set by the UAE central bank
  • In the case of any refunds, transactions fees are not refunded and will be deducted in the reversal of the funds


Additional Services Terms & Conditions


All accommodation and transportation requests issued are subject to special terms and conditions that are governed by the end service providers.


Standards of Additional Services


Dia Edu Management Consultants have no representation or warranty with respect to the standard of service of any of its additional services provided at an event and the registrant hereby acknowledges that they have not relied upon any such representation or warranty by or on behalf of Dia Edu Management Consultants while have taken the decision to purchase the additional service upon their own judgement and discretion.




  • Accommodation will be provided as described on the info portal of the event to which the registration form was directed from
  • Accommodation fees are fairly quoted as per third-party agreements
  • Dia Edu Management Consultants does not guarantee any special requests during the registration process however will communicate it to the accommodation provider who will provide the service upon their discretion
  • Failure to check-in on the date requested on the accommodation page applies a no-show non-refundable fee


Airport Transfer


  • Airport transfer will be provided as described on the info portal of the event to which the registration form was directed from
  • Transportation fees are fairly quoted as per third-party agreements
  • Failure to show up on the date requested on the transportation page applies a no-show non-refundable fee


Social Activities


  • All purchased social event passes on the social events page needs to be collected onsite at the registration area by providing their unique identification number, as received in the registration confirmation email
  • Visitors to social events are required to hand over the pass at the entry of the social event to be granted access


Non-liability Statement


Dia Edu Management Consultants is not liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, additional expense or liability occasioned to any person or property for delegates that have purchased an event pass, additional service including but not limited accommodation, airport transfer, social activity and/or additional educational activity such as workshops, additional sessions, pre-conference activity and/or post-conference activity.


Cancellations, Refunds & Disputes




  • Deadline: Cancellation for registrants less than one month before the event is non-refundable.
  • Initiation: Please drop Dia Edu Management Consults an email to [email protected] with the registrant’s request of cancellation
  • Fees: Cancellation for UAE-based registrants one month prior to the event will provide a refund of the sum paid less AED100 in cancellation fees. Cancellation for international registrants one month prior to the event will provide a refund of the sum paid less AED200 in cancellation fees.
  • Cancellation conditions apply to all additional services including accommodation, transportation, and social events.




  • All transaction fees are non-refundable
  • Refunds will be done only through the original method of payment.
  • An email will be sent containing the refund completed will be sent to the previously registered user




Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the UAE and the policies set by Payfort’s dispute process.


Special Situations & Troubleshooting


  • If a delegate registers a week before the event and have selected “bank transfer” as a form of payment, Dia Edu Management Consultants will require onsite authorization by providing a hard copy of the proof of payment at the registration desk.
  • If a delegate has opted for a form of additional service including accommodation, airport transfer and/or social activity prior to the event by a week, it is advisable to please drop an email to [email protected] if the registrant has not received a confirmation from Medgress with the same.
  • If a registrant selects “credit card” during registration and payment was not successful, it is advisable to contact the registrant’s card issuing bank to resolve this problem. Dia Edu Management Consultants has no control over the blockades, policies and/or any financial firewalls set by the card issuing banks.


Agreement to Terms & Conditions


By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions DiaEdu Management Consultants has the right to submit electronic communication to the email address(s) used on the participant page for the purpose of marketing current and future events provided by DiaEdu Management Consultants. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Emirate of Dubai and such Federal Laws of the UAE as shall have effect in the Emirate of Dubai.